How to Hack Facebook Account Using Reverting Method

Anyone who’s ever searched for ways to hack into a Facebook account is probably already familiar with the usual methods. There’s keylogging, where you use either a software or hardware to record keystrokes that are then sent to the hacker, wherever he may be located. There’s the phishing method, where the victim is duped into clicking on bogus links and parting with their vital information. There are also various methods that entail a lot of guesswork involving possible account passwords.

If you’re tired of all those methods, then perhaps you can give this one the good ol’ try.

A warning about hacking FB accounts

A word of warning though. Hacking into a person’s Facebook account is an infringement of their privacy. And as a whole, hacking is still illegal. Just for the record, we don’t endorse or encourage it. But for the purposes of education, the following tip is being made available to you.

So. Moving on.

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This Facebook hacking method is called reverting. Or in really simple terms, it’s resetting the password of the victim. This is done without the victim having any knowledge of it and with him being none the wiser that changes are already being done. This doesn’t require any special skills. It’s basically a low level hack but it gets the job done.

How can you hack into anyone’s Facebook account using the reverting method?

Here are the steps.

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1. Make sure you are not logged in to your own account. This is very important. If you are logged in, log out immediately before continuing on to the rest of the steps outlined below.

2. Access the following link— /

This link will direct you to the form that you will use to hack the intended victim’s account.

3. You will see a tab saying “Your E-mail Address.” Type your email address here.

4. Choose the options as applicable on the image that appears.

5. After that, another question will appear. It will ask for the “Email associated with the compromised account.” Type in “no.” Do not type anything else other than that.

6. Under “Your contact email address”, type your own email address. This will ensure that the email with the link to reset the password will be sent to your email and not the victim’s.

7. Under “Full Name of the Account”, type the name of the victim. If you don’t know the name then do the following:

• Find the victim’s name by searching for his/her Facebook profile using their email address.

• Google the email address of your intended victim. In some cases, it will yield additional details about the owner of the email account.

• Try using sites like or to search for additional info.

Remember, you need the victim’s full name.

8. Under the tab saying “Date of Birth”, enter the victim’s date of birth. Again, this shouldn’t be a problem if your know him personally. If you don’t, then you have to use more of your social engineering skills to find the information. You can try to find out if his Facebook profile is public and lists down his date of birth. Or maybe he’s on other social media sites where it’s listed.

9. On “URL of your compromised profile”, enter the Facebook profile URL of your victim. For the uninitiated, URL is simply the web address. And the Facebook URL is usually just name).

10. Click on “Submit.”

And that’s it.

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You’re all set. The next step is just waiting for the Facebook admin to get your request and send you the password reset link through your email address. Once you have the link, you can make the necessary adjustments and access your victim’s Facebook page. He won’t even know about it until he tries to access his account again. Hackers will generally have the advantage with regards to hacking Facebook accounts and even though Facebook is doing their very best they are really trying in vain. Even then, he may just think that he’s entering his password wrong. And by the time he’s asked for a password reset himself, the damage is already done